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Hundreds sign GCHQ petition (EN)

lundi 31 août 2009, sélectionné par Spyworld


MORE than 1,100 people have signed a petition against plans to allow GCHQ access to all emails and internet activity in Britain.

The petition, placed on the 10 Downing Street website by James Marshall, is in response to Government plans to monitor electronic communications to counter the threat of terrorism and crack down on organised crime.

Opponents say the move would create a Big Brother state.

The petition, signed by 1,117 people, says : "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resist all calls for GCHQ to monitor all email and internet activity within the UK.

"In this time of a supposedly higher level of threat from terrorism and international crime, we are constantly warned of the threats against our country. It seems that the Government’s favoured method of combating these perceived threats appears to be a steady erosion of the civil liberties of the general population.

"The recent announcement that GCHQ wishes permission to eavesdrop on all phone calls, internet activity and emails is yet another nail in the coffin of the free society which such measures are supposedly designed to protect.

"Stop the current advance towards the police state. Stop the Government spying on the general public."

The petition is hosted on the Number 10 website at privacy-matters/and the deadline to sign is October 13.

A number 10 spokeswoman said that after it closed it will be presented to the Prime Minister’s staff and a response will be made to the originator of the petition.

A spokesman for GCHQ said : "These are Home Office proposals, which are undergoing public consultation.

"We are providing technical advice and support to the Home Office but we have no plans to monitor all internet use and phone calls in Britain."

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