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Indonesia plans surveillance drone launch (EN)


lundi 19 octobre 2009, sélectionné par Spyworld

Indonesia plans to launch a drone plane called "Puna" next year to support national defence and monitor extremist activity, an official said yesterday.

"Puna, an unmanned small aircraft, can safely observe hard-to-reach areas. It has been tested and we’ll launch it next year," said Mr Surjatin Wiriadidjaja, deputy chairman of the government’s Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology.

"We equipped Puna with a camera and the military and the police can use it for surveillance," he told AFP.

Mr Wiriadidjaja said Puna could be used "to observe terrorist activities" and for other tasks such as monitoring forest fires.

The Indonesian authorities are on guard against new attacks after the killing and arrests of extremists led by slain Malaysian Noordin Mohammed Top.

Noordin, blamed for a string of blasts across Indonesia since 2003 including July hotel attacks in Jakarta, was gunned down in a police raid last month in Central Java.

Several of his alleged accomplices have been killed or arrested in the probe into the July hotel blasts, which claimed nine lives.

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