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Cia discloses its 1963 budget (EN)

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lundi 9 mai 2005, sélectionné par Spyworld


Compelled by an extraordinary court order, the Central Intelligence Agency disclosed the amount of its 1963 budget under the Freedom of Information Act in a letter published today.

"As you know, ’the CIA budget figure for 1963’ was $550 million," wrote Janice Galli McLeod, an attorney representing CIA in the FOIA lawsuit Aftergood v. CIA (DC District Case No. 01-2524).

CIA contends that historical intelligence budget figures constitute an "intelligence method," no matter how many decades may pass, and that they are therefore exempt from disclosure under the FOIA.

But after FAS showed that the CIA budget figure for 1963 had been quietly released at the National Archives 15 years ago, a federal court ruled that CIA’s continued refusal to disclose that number under the FOIA was unlawful. (Other historical budget figures still may be legally withheld.)

On April 4, Judge Ricardo M. Urbina ordered the CIA to disclose its 1963 budget, the first time that release of an intelligence budget figure has been ordered by a court of law. (A 1997 lawsuit to compel disclosure of the 1997 intelligence budget total led to CIA’s release of that figure — $26.6 billion — without a court order.)

"In accordance with the Court’s Order, I can reiterate this $550 million figure to you, and I can of course also attach a copy of the Cost Reduction Program report, which you yourself submitted to my client and which contains this figure," Ms. McLeod wrote. See her May 4, 2005 letter here :

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