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Google Earth exposes British military secrets (EN)

lundi 2 mars 2009, sélectionné par Spyworld


Google Earth has British intelligence up in arms after close up aerial views of two nuclear submarines, as well as MI6 and GCHQ, were found on the free mapping service. Find out what other military secrets Google is giving away after the jump !

We’ve seen Google Earth’s crime solving abilities put to good use before, but this time it seems Google Earth’s close up aerial views could aid the bad guys instead. The Sun has managed to locate the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland on the service, only to discover no fewer than two visible nuclear subs.

GCHQ in Cheltenham, the SAS barracks in Herefordshire and MI6 HQ in London are also visible on Google Earth, sparking uproar in the military’s top ranks.

As one military expert warned : “A strike on our nuclear capability would cause untold devastation. Terrorists could have a field day, knowing exactly where to aim strikes to cause the maximum devastation.”

Ooh eck. Until recently, Google Earth has blurred out certain sensitive military sites upon request but a recent Google Earth update has cleared them up for the world to see again.

What do you reckon ? Is this a genuine terrorist threat or are the papers going into red alert over nothing ? Your views below.

- Via The Sun

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