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Le satellite Spainsat doit tripler communications sécurisées de l’Espagne

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Le satellite Spainsat, de l’opérateur militaire espagnol Hisdesat, qui sera lancé mardi par une fusée Ariane 5, "triplera la capacité des services de communications gouvernementales sécurisées" de l’Espagne, selon un communiqué d’Hisdesat.

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Spainsat - Coverage map


***HISDESAT completes the Spanish program of government communications via satellite that was initiated in February 2005 with the launch of the XTAR-Eur satellite, obtaining a total coverage of two thirds of the earth’s surface. (From Singapore to Denver) ***HISDESAT, with the launch of this new satellite, is the world’s first commercial supplier to provide services by satellite in X and Ka Band for government applications.

***The manufacture of these satellites has been made possible due to the participation of the Spanish aerospace industry which has generated important industrial returns of high technological quality.

Madrid, 1st of February, 2006

On 21st of February the first Spanish satellite, Spainsat, will be launched for government uses. Its operator is the Spanish company HISDESAT, a company specialized in advanced communication services for government uses and in which Hispasat participates. It deals with a new generation of satellites to extend, improve and provide greater flexibility and security to communications.

The launch will take place in the European Space Agency (ESA) base in the French Guiana. The launcher will be the Araine 5 ECA and it will be operated from Hispasat’s satellite control centres in Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and in Maspalomas (Canary Islands). With this new satellite the Spanish program of government communications services initiated in 2005 will be completed.

The bandwidth and coverage’s will triple

The new system will triple the actual capacity of the bandwidth, power, coverage and security of the government communications services. The objective of the plan is to offer efficient solutions for foreign policy, security and defence that include peace missions, aid in natural disasters, etc.

Spainsat will be located in the orbital position of 30º West and it will provide communication services in X and Ka bands for the Ministry of Defence, Embassies and for governments of allied countries and friends.

The manufacture of this satellite has permitted the participation of the Spanish aerospace industry, which has generated important returns of high technological quality. More than six Spanish companies of the aerospace industry have participated in the design, development and manufacturing of a great part of the equipment of the payload of satellite communications.

________ First commercial provider

With the launch of this satellite, the company HISDESAT is the first commercial supplier in the world to provide communication services by satellite in X and Ka Band for government applications.

Several companies participate in HISDESAT Servicios Estrategicos : Hispasat (43%), Insa (30%), EADS Casa (15%), Indra Espacio (7%) and Sener (5%). Its main objective is the acquisition, operation and the commercialisation of satellite capacities with the aim of providing strategic services and communications for both civil and military applications.

Structure of the satellite

Spainsat has been manufactured by Space System Loral (United States), which belongs to the group Loral Space and Communications that also made along with HISDESAT the satellite XTAR-Eur. The participation of the North American company in the whole program is a good example of the technological collaboration between the space sector in both countries.

The satellite is stabilized in three axis, it has two wings made up of four solar panels, approximately six metres in length and it has a minimum estimated life of fifteen years. It weighs 3.692 kilograms and it incorporates the latest and most important technology in order to respond to the changing necessities of the advanced communications : interconnected mobile beams, steerable antennas, etc. In addition it includes systems that guarantee communications free of interferences, secure and interoperable and compatible with the existing ground terminals in X Band in allied countries.

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Spainsat - 30º West

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