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Communications : VOIPSA Alliance to Secure Phone Calls on Internet (EN)

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mercredi 18 mai 2005, sélectionné par Spyworld


The newly-formed Voice Over IP Security Alliance has set itself the task of securing telephone systems on the Internet (VolP), systems that are going to experience exponential growth in the next two years.

According to studies by British Telecom and Deloitte and Touche between 50-60% of companies will be using voice over IP by mid-2007, allowing them to drastically reduce their telephone bills. However, voice travels over the same infrastructure as data so VolP systems will face the same security problems as the web (viruses, hacking, intrusion, etc.) Launched in February by a new intrusion-detection affiliate of 3Com, Tipping Point, the VOIPSA alliance hopes to position itself as the leading authority in VolP security. It will examine the risks, identify the best practices and define standards. The first of its kind, VOIPSA represents 60 equipment manufacturers, universities and service supplies, all of them American with the exception of Siemens and Alcatel. However, Cisco and Juniper, major VolP technology players, aren’t involved in the alliance. VOIPSA’s board, set up on March 28, includes several major figures close to the American intelligence community (see graph below). Intelligence agencies, and particularly the National Security Agency (NSA), are also as much concerned by the security problems raised by voice IP as they are by the desire to keep close watch on emerging communication methods.

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